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What makes Protective Mask stand out?


Airlite Sport Mask is a ProtectiveMask that is highly effective at helping reduce the effects of the outside elements and because of this we sometimes refer to the Airlite Sport Mask as the ProtectiveMask. As such it is used to protect your health while engaging in several other activities such as cleaning, painting, cycling, walking, lawn mowing, and many different situations that exposes you to harmful pollutants in the air.

Built to protect.

The ProtectiveMask is a revolutionary new mask that offers an extraordinary level of protection. The filter that is inside our ProtectiveMask has 5 layers. This is accomplished with Nanotechnology, using nanotechnology, we are able to achieve placing multiple layers in one small filter. As you may know, nanotechnology is a part of science and technology that can control matter on an atomic and molecular scale - this means that there are more nanometers in one inch than there are inches in 400 miles.

So, when you really think about it; with this advanced technology, we can easily double the number of layers in each filter if need be. This is simply one of the great features that make the Protectivemask stand out from every single mask on the market today.Thus limiting the influx of particles, microbes, soot, and any type of exhaust and particulates from finding it's way into your respiratory system. Your safety is important to us, and with nanotechnology being put in place to create the filter for the Protective Mask, rest assured that this product won't stay too long on the shelf.

Easy Filter Installation.


ProtectiveMask, is the first face mask of its kind. As a Sports Mask, it provides unparalleled protection when you need it most! You've probably seen the number of people who use these types of masks multiply, even though many of them are not effective!

This mask completely covers the mouth and nose. This helps protect against viruses, pathogens and contaminating particles from entering our respiratory tract. It's also very comfortable, adapting perfectly to your face. This is important since it is something you’ll be wearing for hours at a time. The material used for producing this design protects your face from irritation.

ProtectiveMask is washable, durable and reusable. It can stand against sweat, warm weather and dust irritation. Therefore, there is no need to waste money buying package after package of disposable masks (which is even more difficult when they are in short supply!) Notice some of the great features:

• Upgraded Nose Clip and Adjustable straps that are encased in rubber, this metal nose clip that is tougher and more resilient than any other models in the market will ensure a good sealing effect that stays fixed, that will protect your glasses from a fog.

• New firm hanging Ear-Design is a one-size-fits-all over the ear with Velcro straps that fit most adults’ faces and also is easily adjustable to match most head types.

• Improved Breathable Dual Valves with a premium nylon mesh material that's incredibly lightweight, breathable, and soft. Thus allowing you to exhale carbon dioxide more easily while preventing headaches from extensive use.

• Wash and Use this high-end dust mask that is hand-washable to ensure continuous usage, durable, and reusable that is long-lasting will make sure you enjoy outdoor activities all day long. And it’s environmental and weather friendly!

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All Orders Ship From Our Fulfillment Center in The USA.
1000’s In Stock!
in various colors

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